Best 5 Weather Forecasting Sites

In this digital world, it is so much interesting to see where it is raining, on which way a cyclone is going, where a cyclone attacks, and where clouds cover the sky. Yes, it can now watch from your home through your smartphone or computer. But a few years ago we have to wait for Television news to know weather forecasting. A few decades ago, it was impossible to forecast the weather. That means our life has become so much easy and comfortable.

To predict the condition of the atmosphere for a specific location and time is weather forecasting. It is an application of science and technology.

In this digital world, weather forecasting is now a simple matter. We can now easily forecast when the rain will come, or where the cyclone is creating, or when drought will happen. If we know before attacking a cyclone, we can reduce a lot the consequences of cyclone or storm.

Today I am going to show you the top five sites that help us to know the weather forecasting live.

1. Rain Viewer- World Live
Do you know where it is raining now? It is now easy to tell where it is raining through rainviewer. There are some colors that represent different weather conditions of a specific region. Such as: 
  • Drizzle (probably)
  • Drizzle
  • Light Rain
  • Light Rain
  • Rain
  • Rain
  • Heavy Rain
  • Storm
  • Hail
  • Hail
Here the tools. Now you can check the weather of your location.

2. Windy
Windy is one of the best sites that shows weather forecasting very well. Actually, it shows a cyclone location and which way it is going on. It is a worldwide animated weather map. Suppose a cyclone has created and will attack on coastal areas very soon. In this case, if you open this site or application, you will be surprised to see that what you are watching. You will watch as like as following photos.

You can also get every next hour weather information from here. A cyclone will go in which way, it is shown here. For that reason, you can choose it to get weather information. 

From here you can show:

3. Wind Finder
Wind Finder is another site where you get live weather forecasting information. It is also a worldwide animated weather map. In this site, you get the information as like as windy. Besides you can get wind forecasts, wind speed, live weather, and wind map for kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, and fishing from this site. You may get the speed of wind of any location. You can change the wind unit going to the "setting" option. 

For business professionals, this site helps to minimize risk and grow their business. 

4. Ventusky
The Ventusky web application helps to get weather prediction. InMeto company has developed this web tool. 
In this site, you will know the temperature, wind speed, hurricane location, clods, air pressure, snow cover. Clicking on temperature, you can know the temperature moving mouse on the screen.  You can with the previous day's data here

6. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is an American weather forecasting tools. In this tool, you can also get weather data searching for any location. In this site, you also get weather news, videos, and podcast. That means there are many options to choose to know here. Any type of weather can be got here. Specially the hurricane can be tracked very well by this tool.


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